Launching the redesigned BerryByte website

After months of research, design, and development, we're super glad to finally unveil our brand-new redesigned website with improvements both in the frontend and the backend.

A screenshot of the brand-new berrybyte website, now live.
The brand-new berrybyte website, now live.

This has been a long time coming - we've been working on the rework for over a year, and today, we are so glad to finally share it with the world. Check it out live at or read more to learn what's what's changed.

Landing page

First thing you'll likely notice is the complete revamp in the look and feel of the website. Paying a strong attention on keeping a consistent "brand" theme, we chose a combination of a deep pink/blue.

We also rewrote all of our copywriting / text, changing the title from "Deploy incredibly powerful servers" to "Launch your server within minutes".

Changing the tagline, giving it a general description of what BerryByte is/does, rather than listing out features. We'll leave the feature details to the subpages.

The new redesigned look of the landing page on the berrybyte website
The new redesigned look of the landing page on the berrybyte website 

Immediately when you scroll down, we've added three cards for the current popular games - currently being Minecraft, Palworld, and Enshrouded. We'll periodically update these as new games release or a shift in popularity.

sServer hosting for the three most popular games

Components / feel

We wanted our website to feel clicky, fun, and interactive - not completely formal or corporate. Giving our buttons and components an interactive rather over-exaggerated look, splashing vibrant colors, and animations across our site, I think we've achieved that.


Our buttons are clickier, vibrant, and fun.

Interactive / animations

Hover over each game card, the Launch text will dynamically update based on what you have selected. Pretty neat, huh?

Game server hosting page

We wanted a way to get detailed information across, so we added feature cards with both a short version, and a full large detailed card. Hover over any of the four cards on our Minecraft Server Hosting page, and the one on the right will update respectively giving you expanded details!

Scroll down a bit below, you'll find a guides/wiki section where you can select three of the most popular guides for the game there. You can also view all Palworld server related guides by clicking the "view all palworld guides" link.

And that sums it up! Check it out live at!

After over a year of research, design, and development, we've put in a ton of work into making the order process and the look of our website better-looking and easier to navigate across.

We hope you like it, and if you have any suggestions or comments, shoot us an email or join our discord community and let us know!