Offering 10Gbps AMD® Ryzen 9 7950X Server Hosting

ryzen 9 7950x cpu design
* Sleek * new Ryzen 7000 series chip design.

After months of careful and diligent work, we are so excited to finally present state-of-the-art systems that have been optimized for performance and equipped with the fastest network speeds available.

These systems have been specifically engineered for individuals and gaming communities who want simply the best and highest available experience in the market.

What's the performance gains on the new chips like?

After testing, analysis, as well as researching benchmarks, we've tested these new systems to have achieved an impressive average performance increase of up to 45%.

These would be particularly beneficial for applications that have a high demand for single-core performance such as Minecraft or Rust, as it can enable the hosting of larger player counts on the server and the integration of additional plugins and modifications without compromising performance.

Overall, this is a remarkable achievement and we are excited to offer these high-performance systems to our customers.

7950x vs 5950X comparison
Based on the geometric mean of all complete results, the fastest (AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16-Core) was 1.447x the speed of the slowest (AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core). -

A whopping 44.7% increase in performance compared to only the 5950X.

12900K vs 13900K vs 5950X vs 7950X
Geometric Mean of All Test Results ~

A geometric mean of hundreds of benchmarking tests conducted on the 5950X and 7950X revealed that the performance of the 7950X was about 45% higher.
In terms of performance, the 7950X outperformed the 12900K and the 13900K by 22.8% and 3.0%, respectively.

In compared to other top CPUs in its class, these results show the 7950X's remarkable performance potential.

13900K vs 7950X vs 12900K vs 5950X
Geometric Mean of Java Tests ~

The performance findings for the 7950X differ slightly when focusing on benchmark results pertaining to Java testing.

Performance on the 7950X was 34.4% better than the 5950X, 6.58% quicker than the 12900K, but 4.6% slower than the 13900K.

Certain findings show that the 13900K marginally outperforms the 7950X in these Java benchmark tests, despite the 7950X still displaying great performance.

7950X vs 13900K

When looking at the bigger picture, an average of over 500 benchmarks shows the 7950X performed exceptionally well. With roughly a 15% increase in performance, it emerged on top compared to the 13900K.

Why 10Gbps? Isn't 1Gbps fast enough?

If you're looking to up your gaming experience, 1000Mbps network speeds can be a bottleneck for your community. Enter the world of a 10Gbps network, lightning-fast data transfer, can reduce lag, and the ability to host a huge number of players with ease.

It's a game-changer for some users. With such high speeds, not only can you potentially lower latency but also have the ability to manage high volume traffic and real-time backups for seamless game play.

  • Lower Latency: A higher bandwidth connection can result in lower latency for players, which can lead to a more responsive and smoother gaming experience.
  • More Players: A higher bandwidth connection can allow more players to connect to the server simultaneously, allowing for larger player counts and more active communities.
  • Faster Data Transfer: When transporting massive volumes of data, such as maps or save files quickly, a 10Gbps connection can send data significantly faster.
  • Reduced Congestion: Utilizing fast connection speeds, it can help reduce congestion on the server, which can minimize lag and ensure that all players have a stable connection while playing.
  • Backup and Redundancy: The high speed of a 10Gbps connection can also allow for easy, real-time backups which can be done efficiently and maintain a good level of recovery in case of any failures. If you opt for our Lime panel, utilize the technology of de-duplication and experience up to a 20x increase or more in backup creations.

It's important to note that while having a 10Gbps server is beneficial, it is not always necessary for everyone. It will depend on the number of players you are planning to host and how many of them are online at a given time.

having a high-bandwidth server alone will not completely solve any latency issues, other factors like the game engine, player location, routing, and network congestion along the way will also play a role - we recommend your players to connect using Cloudflare's Warp tool which offer more optimized routes to help mitigate this issues.

Should I upgrade?

Maybe. The 7950X is a powerful processor that is an upgrade from the its predecessors like the 5950X, however whether it is worth it for your game server depends on your specific needs.

If you expect to have a large number of players on your server simultaneously, or if you are running multiple servers at once, or if you are currently experiencing performance issues such as lag, the additional performance boost of the 7950X can be incredibly beneficial.

Order your Ryzen 9 7950X today and take advantage of next-generation hardware and speeds at