Palworld Patch v0.3.2 [June 28]

Palworld Patch v0.3.2 [June 28]

The Pocketpair devs have released a patch to the game following yesterday's major Palworld update Sakurajima. Here's what it includes:

・When a player is stuck in the arena, restarting the game will now restore the player to the correct state

・Asset files were unintentionally split, so they have been reverted back to v0.2

Steam has already been updated, and the patch is coming to Xbox soon so stay tuned!

Make sure to update your Palworld dedicated server otherwise you may encounter the the match you are trying to join is running an incompatible version of the game error.

You can rent a Palworld server (Xbox or Steam) which simplifies the process and gets you playing the latest v0.3.2 version easily!