Palworld Content Update v2.0.6

Palworld Content Update v2.0.6
Pocketpair's Palworld game's new major content update.

Pocketpair have released their first major update, including many QoL (quality-of-life) updates, new Pal, and a brand new Raid gamemode and Raid-boss Bellanoir!

This new release also allows you to organize Pals to do specific tasks too in your base, craft brand new gear like Glasses to see Pals stats, rings that helps against accidental Pal murder, and a brand-new electric egg incubator that regulates temperature inside Pal eggs!

You can also farm ores at ore mining sites from where you built the base, training manuals to give experience points to Pals, and various other bug fixes and changes!

Now's the perfect time to launch your Palworld server and play the new update!