Changelog #1: Minecraft Elder, Lime Update & More

Changelog #1: Minecraft Elder, Lime Update & More

Welcome to a new era of BerryByte. As the leaves fall this October on this eerie Halloween day, we're thrilled to present our debut monthly changelog, unveiling some spook-tacular updates. Let's dive in!

Introducing: Minecraft Elder

Today, we're introducing the Minecraft Elder plan — a harmonious blend of performance and extensibility. Powered by the cutting-edge Ryzen 9 7950X CPU, DDR5 RAM, and Gen 4 NVMe SSD, it's the apex of performance we've achieved so far.

Storage to Spare

Options range from 100GB up to a whopping 1TB of NVMe SSD storage. With up to enough space to accommodate Overworld, End, and Nether worlds, all three as expansive as 55K x 55K block radius, space for hundreds of plugins, and more; never worry about running out of storage again.

Our Magnum Opus: 64GB Elder

Our largest plan yet. Power-packed with 64GB of DDR5 RAM, 1TB of NVMe and 16 dedicated 7950X cores, and 12 server slices — allowing you to fragment and slice your plan into 12 sub-servers — this plan is perfect for growing communities and large networks.

Peace of Mind With Backups

We've included with every plan an ample number of backups. Every plan is included with 10 backup slots, with 4GB — our entry plan — with 5. Have a peace of mind your server is safe and secure. With the ability to mount backups as a folder, deduplicated backups, and more, we're taking backups to the next level.

CPU Sharing Across Slices

Your feedback fuels our innovation. Thanks to popular demand, we're rolling out the dynamic CPU sharing feature across slices. Using our slice feature, create multiple sub-servers and CPU allocation is dynamically shared among them. Perfect for large servers that are using our slice feature!

Order today before stock runs out at
(P.S the promo code "SPOOKY" ends today — apply it before its expired!)

👾 Lime 1.0.18

Elevate your server management journey with Lime's (our game server control panel) latest enhancements:

  • Fast Commenting: Use ctrl + / for quick commenting when editing files.
  • Unsaved Changes: You'll now get a notification when you try and leave a tab with unsaved changes. Keep your work safe and saved!
  • Server Slice Subuser Permissions: Server slices now have their own subuser permissions for server slices now
  • Rename Backups: Name your backups after they've been made for easy identifiability.
  • UI Improvements: Dive into a more immersive, streamlined UI.

Check it out at

Community & Platform Updates

Monthly Changelogs

Stay informed and involved! We're launching monthly changelogs to keep you updated on our latest updates and innovations. Have a feature in mind? Share it in #suggestions. Your voice shapes BerryByte, and we value every piece of feedback.

Weekly Documentation Guides

Empower your server-building journey with our insightful guides. We're now committing to post a new guide every week to our library of information and empower your server development journey.

Bi-weekly Blog Posts

Expand your knowledge base with our bi-weekly blog posts, covering community growth, server tips, and more. Dive into this week's insights on how to build a Minecraft server community here.

Regular Off-Site Backups

For your peace of mind, we execute off-site backups of all servers every 8 hours, retained for 7 days. In times of disaster, just drop us a message and we'll get you back online ASAP.

Project Turtle

A sneak peek into the future! We're crafting an all-new game server control panel, laden with innovative features, a polished UI, and unique functionality. We're excited to show more across the coming weeks (we post sneak peeks every now and then on Twitter and #general).

Website Revamp

First impressions are lasting. We're reimagining our website to offer an enhanced, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing experience as well as improving the order flow. Stay tuned for a fresh look and more exciting features.

Aaand that's all! Thank you for being a part of the BerryByte family and journey. Stay spooky!