Lime Changelog v1.0.13

Lime Changelog v1.0.13

Aloha my Berries! We have been hard at work for making the creating of game servers easier and faster through our game server control panel: Lime. Here are the release notes for the update:

✨ New stuff:

- Added the ability to select your own timezone for schedules
- Added backup priority fields (used to determine which backup to delete first)
- Added a Copy debug info button shown on the Settings page (used to get information about your server with a click of a button)
- Share CPU between your slices - no need to set any limits on each individual slice, it'll dynamically use up to however much CPU your plan has (not available for + plans yet, however users on our Elder lineup can have this applied now)
- Added a Auto-wipe feature to Rust servers

⚠ Fixes:

- Added spacing between server status and online time
- Modals using our old design system have now been ported to our new one
- Fixed when creating a proxy with a certain allocation, and you remove the allocation, it no longer puts the page on an infinite loading screen.
-  Fixed where the "forgot your password" component on the login page has clipped shadow
- Fixed backup row styling on mobile view
- Fixed dropdown being offset due to sidebar margins

✅Other changes:

- Logs now upload to for easier readability
- Allocation notes are now present in "Proxies"
- QOL (quality-of-life) updates to Slices (most notably you can now set environment variables for different softwares directly within the creation page, and a rework of the card component)
- Added a "Please use SFTP" warning to max upload limit error display
- Added a tooltip to the "SIMD" and "Aikar's Flags" buttons on the startup tab
-  Number of files selected are now shown when selecting files in file manager

Hopefully this update will make building your server and community easier and extensible! Report bugs via a ticket or suggest something new in the #・feedback channel on our discord community and we'll work on it for ya – our lovely berries. :)

The berry team