Minecraft Server Marketing: Boost Your Player Count With TikTok

TikTok is the new meta to marketing a Minecraft server into an overnight success. Here are tips to make your Minecraft server and TikTok the next hype!

Minecraft servers are using social media marketing to go viral on TikTok to be successful.
Minecraft servers around the world are turning to the popular social media platform "TikTok" to grow their Minecraft server and make millions overnight.

Building and growing a Minecraft server in 2024 takes more effort than an impressive build, it takes a smart and modern marketing plan - typically through social media. The marketing can be done organically and lead to large player growth, all thanks to TikTok. While it is essential to plan out a content schedule to grow your Minecraft server's player count and brand image, ensuring you have a Minecraft server host to support your growing player base is vital. We at BerryByte are here to be your affordable Minecraft server host, working alongside you as your server grows.

Although TikTok may seem like a "record and post" type of platform, it is far from it in today's world. Whether you are new to marketing a Minecraft server or experienced, here are a few tips:

  • Short and Engaging Content:
    Attention spans have reached an all-time low, meaning people aren't interested in long-form content. That statement applies even more to the typical target demographic for a Minecraft server, children.

    To hold their attention, keep the content to a maximum time of 12 seconds with frequent cuts and captions to hold their attention long enough to entice them to join.
  • Engage with the Community:
    Many often forget it, but social media marketing is more than posting content. It is a requirement for you to engage with the Minecraft and gaming community via comments, replies, and likes.

    By doing this for a couple minutes a day, you not only allow the community to connect with your server but also train the algorithm on who is your targeted audience.
  • Showcase Features via Skits
    Every Minecraft server has similar features to others, so it is important to keep your content unique. The easiest way to do this is to have a member of your staff team become an actor.

    You can do trolling, catching hackers, and showcasing unique features all without disrupting gameplay. This form of content leads to high community interaction, as seen here.

Despite all of these tips, there are two things of importance to remember when it comes to TikTok and a Minecraft server. First, always have the IP address of your server in the bio of your TikTok account - making it easy for players to join. Finally, don't take hate comments to heart - ignore them and continue working on growing your server.

Ultimately, growing a Minecraft server is not the easiest thing to do and takes time and effort - so don't expect success overnight. As time goes on, and you upload content consistently, your following will grow as will your player count. So don't let yourself get caught with a low-quality Minecraft server host, instead trust us at BerryByte!