The Best Plugins for Your Minecraft SMP Server

Looking for fun extensive plugins to enhance your SMP? We've researched and found the top 6 essential Minecraft SMP server plugins for your server that let you have a fun and unique experience!

Minecraft server owners are using these top tools and plugins to enhance their Minecraft SMP server
Minecraft server owners are using tools and plugins to enhance their Minecraft SMP server.

Looking for fun extensive plugins for your SMP (Survival Multiplayer)? Here are the top 6 best Minecraft SMP server plugins for your Minecraft server that let you have a fun and unique experience!

Having the right plugins installed lets you enhance and transform a simple server into a fun, exciting, and challenging plugin for you and your community.

In this post, we're diving into which are the best plugins essential for any server, making your survival world stand out.

List of Must-Have Plugins

  1. EssentialsX
  2. LuckPerms
  3. WorldEdit/WorldGuard
  4. Dynmap
  5. mcMMO
  6. DiscordSRV

1. EssentialsX

EssentialsX is one of the most popular Minecraft plugins out there. It offers more than 130 commands for various types of servers from large to small! It offers a suite of tools and features like that moderation, homes, teleporting, and more!

The plugin also offers addons to further enhance your server, like EssentialsX Chat, EssentialsX Spawn, EssentialsX Geo, and more. View all available addons here.


  • Player-made homes
  • Server warps and kits
  • Economy features
  • Moderation tools
  • Player-to-player private messaging
  • Custom player nicknames

All commands: List of all EssentialsX commands

Download EssentialsX: EssentialsX download page, SpigotMC (stable builds)

2. Luckperms

LuckPerms is a powerful and flexible permissions plugin for Minecraft servers. It's designed to provide server administrators with a user-friendly yet robust system for handling permissions and groups, making sure your server is always secure.


  • Advanced Permission Management to fine-tune and organize players into groups, each with its own set of permissions.
  • Add custom prefixes and suffixes to your server, with the help of a chat plugin and Vault, you can use groups to set custom chat prefixes for your players!
  • Apply permissions in specific contextual situations, such as in certain worlds or regions.
  • Luckperms offers an easy-to-use web editor letting you easily edit permissions and visualise your groups.
  • Supports various storage methods, including MySQL, SQLite, and more!

All Commands: List of all commands and features can be viewed in LuckPerms Wiki.

Download: LuckPerms for all server types can be downloaded from

3. WorldEdit/WorldGuard

WorldEdit is a powerful building tool for Minecraft developed by a software team EngineHub. Combined with WorldGuard, it becomes an essential tool for both constructing and protecting your Minecraft world. WorldEdit allows for quick and easy editing of large areas of your world, while WorldGuard provides features to protect your Minecraft server.


  • Building and editing tools to perform massive building, copying, and pasting tasks.
  • Terraforming features to quickly modify and sculpt terrain and landscapes.
  • Complex operation tools to build massive architectural designs.
  • Undo/Redo feature Revert and restore actions to correct mistakes.
  • Protect specific areas from unwanted changes or griefing with region protection. Set rules for each protected region, controlling elements like PvP, mob spawning, and more.
  • Ensure your builds and creations stay safe from damage with grief prevention features.

All commands: WorldEdit commands, WorldGuard commands

Download: WorldGuard, WorldEdit for Bukkit-based servers, WorldEdit for modded servers

4. Dynmap

Dynmap is live mapping tool for Minecraft servers, think of it like the Google Maps for your Minecraft server. It offers a real-time web-based map that visualizes your Minecraft world, allowing players and server admins to view and interact with the game world from a browser.


  • View your Minecraft world in real time with detailed real-time map rendering.
  • Monitor and track player locations and movements on the map.
  • Mark points of interest, territories, and specific locations with world and region markers.
  • With configurable view modes, choose from various map perspectives including top-down, isometric, and 3D.

Learn with our in-depth guide on how to configure and setup Dynmap on a Minecraft server.

All Commands: Learn more and explore configuration options on the Dynmap official guide.

Download: Dynmap can be downloaded from SpigotMC.

5. mcMMO

mcMMO, one of the earliest Minecraft open-source plugins developed for survival servers, adds an RPG-like layer to Minecraft, enhancing the game with over 15 different skills to level, new mechanics, and unique abilities for an RPG Minecraft experience!


  • Skill leveling with skills like mining, woodcutting, and fishing.
  • Unlock special abilities such as Super Breaker and Green Thumb.
  • Leaderboards to track and compare progress with other players.
  • Configurable systems to customize repair and salvage systems.

All Commands: mcMMO Commands, mcMMO Wiki

Download mcMMO: SpigotMC (premium - $20), or Jenkins (open source - free)

6. DiscordSRV

DiscordSRV is a powerful plugin that lets you bridge Discord and Minecraft, allowing you to connect chat into a Discord channel, clone console output, link Discord accounts to sync roles, and so much more!


  • Link Minecraft in-game chat with a Discord channel, making a seamless sync between the two platforms.
  • Connect multiple Minecraft chat channels with different Discord channels.
  • Sync Minecraft player ranks with Discord roles for consistent player management.
  • Customizable settings to tailor the plugin to your server's specific needs with a variety of options.
  • Execute Minecraft commands directly from Discord for easy server management.

All Commands: For a complete list of commands and configurations, visit the DiscordSRV Wiki.

Download: DiscordSRV can be downloaded from SpigotMC.

Adding these top Minecraft SMP server plugins can completely transform any server! They not only enhance the survival experience but also bring a level of functionality that players will definitely enjoy. At BerryByte, our Minecraft server plans are perfectly tailored to run these essential plugins, making sure your server always runs at peak performance!