ATM 9: To The Sky -- Now Available!

ATM 9: To The Sky Minecraft Modpack - Launch Your Skyblock Server Today - May 30th Release
ATM 9: To The Sky Minecraft Modpack - Launch Your Skyblock Server Today - May 30th Release

The All The Mods (ATM) team has been hard at work creating something fresh and exciting, and as of May 30th, 2024, they've unveiled the latest addition to their modpack collection: ATM 9: To The Sky. This is the third modpack available in the Skyblock series promising to offer a unique and challenging experience for players.

A New Adventure Awaits

In ATM 9: To The Sky, you start with nothing but the void. There's no pre-existing world—everything must be built from scratch. This modpack forces you to be creative, have good survival skills, and think outside the box making every resource and decision count.

Since this modpack is a skyblock modpack,  it has optimized performance since unlike traditional modpacks where your PC has to render vast terrains and manage countless entities, this optimized Skyblock Minecraft modpack doesn't have to. Without caves full of monsters lurking under your base, your game will run smoother, even on less powerful PCs.

According to the developers, this modpack isn't just the same modpack but in skyblock, it's more of a continuation of the popular ATM 7: To The Sky giving you a fresh new experience!

Ready to Play?

Launch your ATM 9: To The Sky Minecraft server with BerryByte today and install the modpack on your PC from Curseforge to dive into this thrilling new adventure. We recommend having at least 8GB RAM for ATM 9: To The Sky for a lag-free experience.

Setting up is quick and easy, so you can start building your ATM 9 skyblock world and start playing with friends in minutes. If you need help installing the modpack, join our community Discord server and we'll help you out there!